Sunday, July 26, 2009

Walgreens 101

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Okay, so if you are interested in saving money at Walgreen's, read this article. Walgreen's can be confusing though so I will try to keep this as simple as possible!

The first way to save is with the Weekly Advertisement. They change every week so you can click here to view your advertisement, pick it up in the front of the store, subscribe to your local paper, or check your email once you have registered with Walgreen's and they will send the ads for the week. The weekly advertisement has great deals each week with coupons. Check the limits on the coupons because you can always purchase more than one of the item at the unbelievable price. These coupons also can be used with manufacturer coupons that you find online or in your paper each week. *I will post the Walgreen's coupon match up weekly so you know before you go what you want to clip if you already haven't received the catalog.*
The second way is Register Rewards. Register Rewards are coupons that print at the end of your transaction. When you are browsing the store they tell you exactly what you need to purchase to receive the Register Reward under the product you are interested in. These rewards are coupons good on your next transaction, they have an expiration date and are not valid after the date. Register Rewards are the same as manufacturer coupons. You are receiving a coupon from a company only good for cash off of your next transaction. Register Rewards from the same company will not print in the same transaction. If Johnson's is offering two Register Reward deals in the same week you have to split your transaction because you will only receive one even though you are purchasing both Johnson's products.You can not use a Register Reward that you received on a specific item on the same deal. For instance Huggies was offering a $10.00 Register Reward if you purchase $20.00 in Huggies products. Many people were trying to use their $10.00 Register Reward on the same deal but the Reward wouldn't print since the register knew they had already received it. Also, Register Rewards ring up as manufacturer coupons! Because of this issue, when Register Rewards are applied to a transaction, make sure you don't have more coupons than items. Count up the number of items vs. Register Rewards and mfc coupons to make sure that you are not over. Walgreen's clpped coupons from the paper do not count towads this total. Walgreen's only allows one coupon "mfc"coupon to be rung up for the number of items purchased. I suggest adding a small candy or something if needed.
The third way is when Walgreen's issues coupons for specific days that you can purchase $20.00 in products and receive $5.00 off of that purchase. *I will post these for you.*So that's Walgreen's in a nutshell. Almost everyone I know goes there so why not save.
One more thing to keep in mind, I have found that the register won't beep most of time by giving my coupons in this order: Register Rewards, manufacturer coupons, and then Walgreen's Coupons (found in ads).

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