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Extreme Couponing 101 Blog Series: Part 3 - Where to Find Coupons

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One of my top questions is how do I find coupons or where do you get them?  My favorite coupons come from, Coupon Network, RedPlum, Facebook, Mfg Sites, & Coupon Dede (ordering coupons online). 

Where to Find Coupons:

It seems that everywhere you look you can find a coupon. But there are a few ways to find coupons, out of the ordinary.

Here are my favorite ways which will help you save even more:

1. Newspaper-

This is a little obvious, but with all the printable coupons available, it can be a little easy to overlook.
*If you are a savvy couponer then you will be purchasing more than one of your paper! You can actually preview what coupons will be in the paper by clicking here, then you can buy more papers while you are out.

*Keep in mind there are never inserts on holiday weekends. Now in Vegas, our newspaper will only contain the SmartSource insert and occassional General Mills. To receive the other inserts, Red Plum and Proctor and Gamble, you will more than likely receive them for FREE in the mail on Tuesday. Proctor and Gamble is only published 14 weeks out of the year. And unfortunately some parts of the valley do NOT get the Red Plum mailer; if that is the case then unfortunately you are not going to get the PG. These inserts would have to be ordered as clipped coupons online.

But the best way to get the inserts in the paper is to subscribe!

I have a fab deal on the Las Vegas Review Journal Newspaper - you can order up to 5 delivered to your door. Your first one will cost $40.50 for 26 weeks and each extra Sunday only will only be $19.50 for 26 weeks. If you order all 5 newspapers you will only pay $0.91 per paper - that is better than the stores or newsstand for sure! Place your order here!

We have also added more newspaper deals for you as well outside the Vegas area. So if you are a reader that does not reside in Vegas, we might have a deal for you! Areas of Idaho, Sacramento, Orange County, CA, Salt Lake City - please email me here if you are interested in ordering.Coupons By Dede.

Ask friends, family and neighbors: Don’t be afraid to ask people for their copies, especially if they don’t plan to use them! Why throw away money, right???

One main key here to effectively "extreme couponing" is to have multiple coupons. So that when an item goes on sale at a low price, you can buy more than one to last your families needs plus until the next HOT deal comes around. That is how you make the biggest impact on your budget. So, I know it seems cliche to say it is a little to invest in the multiple newspapers, but the dividend is a HUGE return on your investment!

2. Printable Coupon Websites-

These are my favorite because you get to print just coupons you want, there is a good variety, and frequent changes. Make sure that you watch for coupons that may have a limit – you may only be able to print so many or you may miss out b/c others have printed them all.. Sometimes the coupon will reset.

Here are a few tips:
Print in black and white and draft - they have no issues scanning at checkout and yet save on your ink costs.
You will need to install a small program in order to print the coupons, it is so your printer knows how to print the bar code - it is safe - no spyware or viruses.
If it is a pdf coupon, that just means it is a picture and you can print as many as you like!
If there are a bricks link or coupon - you can print twice just by hitting the back button, refreshing and it may ask you to reconfirm you want to send the information but it will then resend to the printer. This is especially helpful when you go through and have selected like 30 coupons to print and just want the same ones to print the second time without having to select each one all over again.
Also, it is important to consider setting up a "coupon" email account. That way when you are registering on sites that require this step before printing the coupon, you will not flood your personal email box with all sorts of stuff. Plus it is good to have your coupon places in one spot!

*NEVER Copy Coupons - it is illegal!

Coupon Network

Red Plum

Smart Source

BricksCoupon Database – you can use this to see if any product that you want to purchase has a coupon available ‘right now.’

3. Stores Website -

Same as above, may only be for this particular store so pay attention to type of coupon and if they are good to use for stacking with a manufacturer coupon.

Recycle Bank



4. Mobile Coupons -

Give the store your cell number so they can send you coupons on your phone

5. Mobile/Card Coupons-

Text a code to the store and they will put the coupons on your loyalty card or use a site to do the same thing, for some stores you will probably have to sign up for their e-mails to get the code.

Saving Star




6. Manufacturer Websites-

Get it straight from the horse’s mouth. Sometimes you have to sign up for a newsletter, they change each month so print your favorites when you see them.

Betty Crocker


***For your favorite products check their website for coupon offers

7. In stores-

Look around! You can find lots of coupons on the items (peelies), next to the price, on the shelves, in the little coupon machines in front of the items. Keep your eyes open!  There are many store displays for new product that will contain tearpads too of coupons, just tear them off! Also, take a sales flyer when you come in the door, they are full of store coupons at some grocery stores.

8. On/with your receipt & Catalina -

Check all that stuff that prints out with your receipt and check the back of your receipt. Lots of good coupons come with that because lots of times it’s based on what you have bought and many times they are instore coupons so they are stackable!

Catalina that print out with your receipt. That is a little machine right next to checkout that many stores have.

9. Facebook-

Become a fan (or “like”) your favorite brands. I try to post these coupons as they become available.

10. Magazines -

I haven’t seen a magazine with more coupons than All You. All You magazine is known as the coupon magazine. The best price is to order a subscription here of course. However, if you choose to purchase it on the newsstand you will only find it at Walmart. But, look through your favorite magazine, you’d be surprised to see coupons hiding among the ads! There are quite a few that have random coupons.

11. Booklets-

Stores like Vons (Safeway) publish special store booklets quarterly. Many of these contain store coupons and manufacturer coupons.

12. Email or Call-

Your favorite companies and ask for coupons – many times they will send you coupons and often even free products!

13. Samples and Various In-Home Mailers-

Most of the free sample offers that you sign up for will come with a coupon for the product, especially those from name brands. There is also many mailers that come out. If you ever had a baby, then you know what I mean! Vocalpoint is one of my favorite sample companies. They have small freebies and HIGH value coupons and coupons to share with your friends too!

 If you are just tuning in and looking for the previous parts to this series, please visit here for all posts!

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