Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Master Lock 5900D SafeSpace Review - Guard Your Key Items On The Go

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Master Lock is here to help our belongings stay safe. You may have had a masterlock on your school locker or bicycle chain...but what about your luggage or a portable safe? They have you covered.

This summer while staycationing my Master Lock 5900D SafeSpace kept my belongings safe. 
The SafeSpace is a small portable safe to store valuables like jewelry, cell phones, credit cards, ID/Passports, keys and even cash. Really anything of value that you want to lock up that fits.

This safe is very easy to use. Upon opening the box for the first time, you will be able to set a combination that suits you...ya know, something you can remember. It will be set to 0-0-0-0 with instructions that are easy to follow to change it. There is nothing I hate more than having to remember random codes, bc this busy mom tends to forget.
So, being able to customize the combination was great. 

When your combination is displayed there are 2 arrow buttons that you will be able to click. 
One is to open the safe and the other is to unlock the cord. They work independently of each other which is really helpful. The basic arrow pointed upwards opens and closes the SafeSpace, it locks your valuables in. The other arrow pointing sideways allows you to wrap the cord of the SafeSpace around an object therefore affixing it to it. Or you could just connect it openly and use it as a carrying handle. It weighs just over 1.5 lbs without your belongings, so easy to carry.

This came in handy at the water parks over the summer. 
I was able to bypass spending the money on lockers because I had my own personal safe. 
I placed my cards, ID, cash, keys and our cell phones into the SafeSpace, wrapped the cord around my beach bag and chair and tucked it away inside the beach bag. It is also water resistent, so that is a huge plus for places like waterparks, public pools or beaches. It also has a shock absorbant foam lining it to help your valuables stay in tact while you are transporting it.

This was a cheaper investment too since we went frequently to the water parks this summer.
It is great for playgrounds too...I found myself using this there with my diaper bag attached to a park bench. I was able to roam the park with the kids while my stuff was secure.
You can order one here from Amazon...it comes in pink, white or gunmetal gray - click below!

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