Monday, May 2, 2016

Lego Ninjago World Opens at Legoland California

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Opening May 5, 2016 is the newest land at Legoland California, LEGO NINJAGO World. The Asian themed courtyard represents the elements: fire, lightning, earth and ice.

NINJAGO World features five attractions all designed to test guests balance, agility, speed and creativity: Zane’s Temple Build, Kai’s Spinners, Cole’s Rock Climb, Jay’s Lightning Drill and NINJAGO The Ride.

At Zane’s Temple Build, guests can free build with LEGO bricks around an ornate LEGO Monastery created out of 859,554 LEGO bricks that stands nine-feet high in the center of the courtyard. Next to the monastery stands a 500 pound LEGO model of ninjas Nya and Zane created out of 73,600 LEGO bricks that took four Model Builders 550 hours to build. The model depicts Nya (ninja of water) hurling water at Zane (ninja of ice) who turns the water to ice in midair as part of their training.

At Kai’s Spinners, guests can test their balance as they stand on a spinning platform and twirl.

At Cole’s Rock Climb, kids can test their agility as they scale a rock wall built alongside the main temple.

Lastly, guests can test their speed by pushing the lit up buttons in a timed speed cage at Jay’s Lightning Drill. All of this training prepares them for the ultimate ninja experience…NINJAGO The Ride!

NINJAGO The Ride sits up to four guests sit in each ride vehicle and are guided through 13 different scenes beginning with a quick introduction by Master Wu who welcomes guests to his training dojo and gives instructions on how to practice and prepare to battle together, using the elements and only using their hands to launch them at the enemies. The enemies encountered in the next scenes include snake tribes, skeletons, ghosts, Lord Garmaddon (king of the Skulkuns) and ultimately, The Great Devourer…a giant serpent who can only be defeated by all of the ninja riders working together and using all the elements.

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