Friday, June 24, 2022

Elvis Movie Opens Today (6/24) {Our Review} - Viva Austin Butler!

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Elvis opens in theaters today, June 24th, nationwide. 

The movie is told from the perspective of Elvis’ longtime manager, Colonel Tom Parker (Tom Hanks). The media was exposing the Colonel as a crook who used Elvis and Parker tells us he wants to set the story straight, “I made Elvis”. You can be the judge of how you feel about their relationship by the movie’s end. 

The film is a bit on the theatrical side, which is expected in a Baz Lurhmann film. The costumes were well done. The music choices to add in current rap and techno in some sets, I didn’t care for. I felt a lot of time was spent on Elvis story in the younger years and early parts of his career. The later years in Vegas were sped up quite a bit. Social tensions were weaved throughout the film and included Elvis’ reaction to them. All the basic wiki facts were pretty much covered. I wouldn’t say there was much new revelation for any Elvis fans. For the younger generation that really only knows him by name, they will get a sense of the creative liberty Elvis took for himself. It is quite clear time after time that Elvis did what he wanted despite the advise of his manager and/or others. 

Austin Butler…what a performance. He actually sang and jirated just like the King. I wouldn’t say he was a dead ringer or an imitator though. Butler was able to showcase the understanding that Elvis was a performer. He was the best part of the film. I thought Butler gave us an amazing performance as Elvis.

Since the movie is told from the Col. deathbed, Tom Hanks narrates through much of the film. He is covered in heavy prosthetics and his accent very thick and carnival-like. A devilish of a character. I don’t care for Tom in roles like this. He is a great actor, but I am more of a Gump girl.

All in all, I would say it was entertaining. My biggest take away is that when I hear “Suspicious Minds”, I won’t help but feel sad for Elvis.

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